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Collage Vacation


899 Euro per participant without accommodation (see below).

Number of participants

Minimum 8, maximum 14.


Please fill in the contact form indicating the course and the course dates.


Participants organise their own travel arrangements.
The course starts on Monday at 12.30 pm. Each course ends on Friday at 12.30 pm.
This seminar can only be booked as a package with accommodation and meals for the entire period advertised.
The costs for accommodation and meals will be invoiced separately.
A corresponding contingent of single rooms has been reserved at special conditions. Double rooms are available on request.


A wide range of materials is available for analogue collages.
For digital collages you only need to bring your laptop.

Free time

The afternoons are free for everyone to spend alone or with other participants.
If you want, you can use the seminar room in your free time to make collages.
It is possible to book leisure activities for the afternoon.

Facebook group

All course graduates will have access to a closed Facebook group where they can share their collages and experiences.

Collage Collage "Forces of Nature",© Stefanie Hallberg

Details of the Collagen Retreat

Intensive collaging in a relaxed atmosphere at extraordinary locations that inspire creativity, senses and soul.


Arrival of the participants and lunch together.
The participants introduce themselves.
Previous knowledge will be asked about and expectations gathered.
The workshop programme will be presented, a first introduction into the topic given and questions answered.


You will learn the theoretical basics of creating manual/analogue collages.
You will learn by practical example how to create manual/analogue collages: which materials to use, how to select images for a collage and how to assemble them into a collage.
Different techniques and tricks are explained.
A wide range of materials (newspapers, magazines, paint etc.) will be at your disposal.


You will be taught the theoretical basics of creating digital collages with a laptop.
You will learn by practical example how to create digital collages: how to find pictures for a collage on the internet, how to download them and how to assemble them into a collage in a few steps using simple programmes.
Various techniques and tricks as well as aspects of media law will be explained.


You can practise what you have learned and create collages as you wish.
Questions will be answered and, if desired, tips and feedback on the work will be given.


What has been learned will be summarised in the group.
Participants will receive a folder with a summary of the course content.
The participants give feedback on the course and discuss what possibilities they see for putting what they have learned into (professional) practice.
Participants can attend a farewell lunch.

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